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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I want to get some shirts printed, how much will it cost me?

A: As much as we’d love to give you a price, its kind of like answering, “How much is a car?” Well . . . it depends. If we just spit out a price, we’d just be guessing. There are a variety of factors that go into pricing a custom printed T-Shirt.  If you’ve never ordered a shirt before, please review our Shirtology 101 Section. In a nutshell:

  • Type (ex: T-Shirt, Hoodie, Jacket, etc)
  • Style (ex: for a T-Shirt, would you like a standard or fashion forward fit?)
  • Shirt Color (whites less expensive than darks)
  • Location(s) of print (ex: front, back, tag, sleeve)
  • Number of colors in the design
  • Quantity

Q: Can you design a shirt for me?

A: Yes. We love designing shirts! We charge a design fee of $75 charged by the hour. We also have a flat fee of $200 per design which allows for 2 revisions.

Q: What is your standard turnaround time for apparel orders?

A: All of our services have slightly different turnaround times. Average turnaround is approximately 7-10 business days from the time that your order has been placed.  If you require your order to be shipped to you by a specific date, be sure to make this very clear before your project is sent to production.

Q: I mentioned I wanted shirts a few months ago, was my order placed then?

A: No. We consider you to have placed your order when we receive your deposit and finished artwork. Please keep this in mind as while we may have had multiple discussions about your project, no work has begun until deposit and artwork have been received. If you’ve decided to have us involved in the design of your artwork, we still will not move forward on production until you have agreed that the artwork is completed and the design phase finished.

Q: Can i put a “rush” on my order?

A: Yes, however Rush Fees may apply.

Q: Can I mix and match different garment colors and sizes within my apparel order?

A: Yes. While there are exceptions to this rule when it comes to Discharge processing, our standard process allows you to mix and match colors and sizes as long as the artwork is staying the same size.

Q: Can I mix and match styles? For example, I have a couple Tanks, some V-Necks and a Long Sleeve T I’d like printed with the same design.

A:  As long as we are printing all the garments at the same time and using the same artwork, Yes – mix and match all you like. Example: 72 Short Sleeve T-Shirts + 72 Long Sleeves = 144 piece pricing for each. If, however, the order cannot be printed at the same time and additional set-ups are required for production purposes, your invoice will be split into two and each will be priced out separately.

For example, Some garments may require separate set-ups because they require specialty inks and equipment. Most accessories including bags, hats and underwear cannot be combined with other items. If you have any questions about combining items, just ask and we’ll be more than happy to let you know what can, and cannot be combined.

Q: Can I supply my own blank garments or fabric?

A: No, because we have a strong business relationships with pre-qualified suppliers that provide the very best quality, pricing and turnaround times. Our high-volume purchasing also ensures that we receive the lowest rates that they can offer.  If you have a specific item or brand in mind and do not see it on our website, contact us and we will see if we can get it in for you.

Q: Can I change ink colors within an order?

A: Yes. However, ink changes are limited to one color images using Plastisol inks only and each color change must be applied to at least 24 pieces.

Q: How many ink colors will I need to print to reproduce my image?

A: We offer a variety of processes, each developed to most accurately transfer your image onto the garment that you’ve selected. For an accurate assessment of which process would suit your project best, and to determine an accurate color-count, please make sure your artwork has been created following our recommended guidelines. Please include a note about what color shirt your graphics will be printed on, the fabric blend, and the ink type that you would like, as this may effect the way that your image is produced. When possible please also provide your total quantity and size break down. This will help us make the best recommendations and provide you with the most accurate estimate on your project.

Q: What is your maximum print size for screen printing?

A: Garments and accessories have different printable areas due to style and size.  If the garment will allow for it, our standard size is up to 15″ wide X 23″ tall and our “Oversize” prints are as large as 20″ wide X 28″ tall.

If you do not want to print over the sleeve seams, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 12″ width
  • MD: 13″ width
  • LG: 14″ width
  • XL: 15″ width
  • 2X: 15″ width
  • 3X: 15″ width

If you are printing a full-front graphic and want to keep it on the shirt, follow these instructions:

  • SM: 21″ height
  • MD: 22″ height
  • LG: 23″ height
  • XL: 24″ height
  • 2X: 25″ height
  • 3X: 26″ height

If you have questions about the max print size of a specific garment style or print location, please contact us.

Q: I want to see what my order will look like before it goes to production, will I get a proof?

A: We offer digital proofs on every order at no cost. Once your order is submitted, a digital proof will be emailed to you and your order will not move forward to production without your approval. This gives you an opportunity to view approximately what your graphics look like on a medium size garment. From there you can make slight adjustments to graphic size and placement before proceeding with production.

Q: I’d just like to print one shirt as a sample, can you do that?

A: We also do offer pre-production hard copy proofs for sampling our screen printing services for an additional fee. However, this may not be a cost effective option for smaller runs or projects that are on a strict budget. We recommend this process for high-quantity orders, or when proofing is required with a client or a board of directors in order to move forward with your project. If you have already reproduced your artwork on apparel before or are trying to match other corporate identity pieces where color consistency is critical, please send us your physical samples to match our inks to. Only reference Pantone numbers if you are in possession of a Solid Coated color book. Do not reference your graphics programs when sampling color on your computer monitor due to differences in calibration.

Q: I’d like to sample the shirts themselves, can I get a blank same to see how it fits and feels?

A: Yes. If you are located near our HQ in Buffalo, NY, we encourage you to stop into our showroom and look and feel the different shirts available. If that’s not possible, we can provide a limited number of blank samples at an additional cost prior to placing your full order for the sake of evaluating the color, sizing, fit and finish.

Q: Can I print a tag with print sizing and care instructions on the inside of my garments?

A: Yes. We can print a one-color graphic on the inside-neck area of most garments. Please note that if your graphic is size-specific you will be required to print a minimum of 24 pieces per size (per order).

Q: Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?

A: Yes, however in order for us to determine a shipping cost or transit time, we need to establish the value of what is being shipped, i.e. the exact dollar amount on your invoices. Please submit a quote online to solidify your invoice details prior to order submission.

We insure/declare all shipments for their actual “per piece” value. If you are sending any shipments internationally, your package recipient WILL be required to pay duties/taxes by their nation’s customer in order to obtain possession of their shipment. This charge is not determined by us or UPS/FedEx/DHL, but by the recipient country’s government. We handle international shipments as a courtesy to our customers and assumes no liability for these charges, nor are we able to predetermine or estimate these fees ahead of time. They are calculated by customs upon arrival of the package. If you have any questions about this, you should contact your desired shipping company or the customs department for the country that you intend to ship to.