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Ordering a Shirt


If you aren’t interested in becoming a T shirt expert, but you’d like to understand what to consider when placing your order, the following points should put you in the right direction.

  • Audience – Girls dress differently than boys, the young dress differently than the not-so-young.  Once you clearly know who will be wearing the shirts you can better determine everything else.
  • Intended Use – Are your shirts meant to promote your business or event?  . . . for a Clothing Line you’ve started?  . . . for your church or kickball team?  Aside from the artwork you put on the shirt, the Style and Type of shirt you select can greatly impact the message your shirt’s future wearer receives.


That brings us to picking the actual shirt. We offer shirts made by dozens of manufacturers and each has dozens of shirts in their product line. It can get overwhelming. So, to keep things simple we’ve broken down the shirts that we offer into two categories: Standard Fit and Fashion Forward.

  • Standard Fit – Our most affordable shirts, they are made with a tubular construction and are ideal for all body types. They come in the broadest range of colors and are fitted true to size.
  • Fashion Forward – Side seams give this garment a more fitted look and sizing is less forgiving. These shirts are typically very soft, coupled with their form fitting cut, they have a “boutique” feel. 


Another factor to keep in mind is the way you want the print to look and feel.


  • Heavy Coverage – You can feel the ink on the fabric and it has an almost plasticy look. We also call this “Bulletproof” . . . you won’t see any of the shirt through the print and you will feel the print very clearly when you wear this shirt.
  • Standard Coverage – The ink can be felt and the shirt color is barely, if at all, visible under the ink. This is a great option for most shirts and our most common coverage.
  • Vintage Coverage – The ink can barely be felt and the shirt color comes through the shirt. This has a softer, more vintage look to the print.


There are variety of inks and techniques used to transfer your image onto the shirt. The best inks and techniques for your project are best determined by our staff. We are experts and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

  • Plastisol – Chances are most T Shirts you’ve ever gotten have used this type of ink and it’s the most common choice in our shop as well because of its versatility and durability.
  • Discharge – These inks actually take the color out of the shirt. If you’ve ever gotten bleach on a shirt, you could say you discharged it. The ink has no “feel” on the shirt. This is a complicated technique and works best on 100% cotton shirts and must have a minimum order of 150 shirts.
  • Specialty Inks – We offer Metallic inks and Foil that will make your image shine in the light . . . we also offer glow in the dark and other specialty inks.